Why Education Innovation Is the Most Important Thing You Could Pursue

Earlier I discussed how education is a job that is done for the betterment of society.  We do it because we care about the future, not only of our students, but also because we know that our students are OUR future.  As teacher we must then be innovators.  To add to the earlier definition, “Getting Smart” identified innovation as the process of making lives better.  This innovation creates a shift that affects many aspects of our lives… think only of railroads, cars, airplanes, radios, computers, and the internet, and how each of these have changed our lives.  We now can say “we have technology”… this is the future.  However, the author of this article raises a good point: “technology cannot aim.  It cannot direct society to focus our attention and energy towards solving some of the world’s most important problems.”  Yes, technology is powerful, but yet it is also powerless.  So, how can we use this technology?  This then needs to come from humans.

The humans in particular that we must think about are our students.  THEY are the ones who must come to understand the world, and create a more responsible future.  They will need to be self-starters who are persistent and have an appetite for measured risk-taking.  They will have to think for themselves and possess specialized or technical knowledge to thrive.  So, if this is the type of human we want, how will we get there?

Education is the key.  But not education focused backwards, but education looking to the future that we don’t know about yet.  There is evidence of innovation in education systems around us: school culture, student assessment, using technology, professional development tools, new content creation, using psychology and brain research to make decisions about teaching, and working together to be more effective.  Contrary to what many are saying, this article claims “there has never been as much intensity of interest in revolutionizing education.  And its about time.”

This just adds to the burden, the uncomfortable feelings, but also the passion that drives ME in my career as an educator.  This push for change, this desire for a new way, this looking for ways to solve unknown problems is must be what drives each of us forward every day.  I can never be content with leaving things as they are, with using old ways of teaching, and of being ‘too comfortable.’

THIS is why we teach, and THIS is why we innovate.

Getting Smart: Why Education innovation is the most important thing you could pursue.  written on April 20, 2015 by Guest Author.  Accessed from:   http://gettingsmart.com/2015/04/why-education-innovation-is-the-most-important-thing-you-could-pursue/


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