811: Reflection as a Way of Life Question

When I started PME 811, and saw that one of the first requirements was to develop personal definitions for innovation, teaching, learning, and creativity, I immediately began to make connections and ask questions.  As I have just left the province of BC, and have worked extensively with the new curriculum, I wondered how this might relate to the Core Competencies of the new BCED plan.  As one of the Core Competencies was Creativity, I had spent a lot of time investigating what this meant, and trying to develop units that encouraged students to innovate, think critically, and be creative.  I continued wondering at HOW to actually encourage this… beyond activities that allow for more freedom, or art projects.  

In the weeks following the introduction to Innovation in Teaching & Learning I was able to flesh out my definitions for the four terms, look at the history behind these terms, and the philosophical foundations. Throughout this all I was left with one major question that I hope to investigate (and tweak, and change) over the coming weeks of blogging:

“How can I, as a teacher, truly encourage my students to innovate and be creative?” 

Stay posted to hear what those earlier definitions really mean, look for examples of classrooms that do a good job of innovating, and hear why creativity and innovation are so crucial in 2016.

This is me: the teacher who is always willing to get involved (even if it means dressing up just to make my students laugh), the teacher who gets so excited about my students and the curriculum, and the teacher who is constantly looking for ways to make my teaching more effective (and hopefully more creative in the coming weeks!).


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