Electronic Portfolio

Hello, and thanks for joining me on my educational journey!  It’s been 3 weeks of studying, and already now I feel that I have learned so much… and so as a way to document that learning I have started this website.

A little about me, to anyone who doesnt know me. I’m a Grade 5 teacher in Chilliwack, BC.  I LOVE my job, I love the responsibility that comes with it, the students I am blessed to form relationships with, and the constant challenge that this job allows.  I’ve been teaching for 2 years, and they’ve flown by…  But I was feeling the need for a new challenge: hence I’ve begun my Masters in Education at Queens University.  

  But besides school, who am I?  I’m the second youngest in a family of 6.  I live at home with my parents and brother, but dont spend much time there.  I’ve had lots of opportunities to travel in the last years: all over Canada (especially beautiful British Columbia), cities in the USA, Malawi, Haiti, and all over Europe.  I hope to leave on Monday for my next big trip: to Tanzania to work with Sunrise of Life.  In any free time I have I love to see my family (especially nephews and nieces!), hang out with friends, read huge novels, go hiking/biking/kayaking/running, and enjoy all of the beauty that my home town has to offer.  People who know me well would describe me as working too hard, being determined, funny, energetic and a leader.  All of which can be summarized into saying I’m a true Gold Personality through and through. 

I have been learning more about Self-Regulated Learning. I am fascinated by this topic, and it has led me to so many new ideas and questions.  Although it’s summer holidays, I’ve been rethinking all of my plans for the coming school year!
I look forward to learning together with all of you, and thanks for visiting!


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